How to order at

As you can see, there is no shopping cart or basket on this site. Since we don't have many products yet (at least not as much as Amazon :-) ) and customers often have some questions before they finally want to order, we have decided not to use a shopping system. To order, simply send us an e-mail to with the parts you require and if there are any questions. Then we can tell you if the parts are available and inform you about the total price including shipping to your country.

Parts in stock?

You can see online if certain products are in stock:

Lagerware Product is available and in stock
Rückstand Stock part, but currently in backorder - please ask for delivery time
Bestellware No stock part, has to be ordered - please ask for delivery time

Some parts that are shown as backorder may be in stock again soon, so maybe it's worth while asking for delivery time.


There are two prices stated in the shop. The first (higher) price includes the German tax of currently 19%. Customers located within the European Union (EU) have to pay this tax. All Customers from other countries only have to pay the lower "netto" price without the german tax.


We will ship our parts to almost every spot on this planet. Small parts can be sent as registered letter via Airmail, larger and more valuable orders will usually be shipped by DPD, a parcel service from Germany. If you send us a request for parts and tell us the destination, we will give you a quote for shipping.

Payment methods

Payment has to be made in advance to delivery. Currently we can offer 3 methods of payment:

1.) Payment with Paypal

Paypal is an electronic payment system that allows to send money to an e-mail adress, like to a virtual account. This is the most common payment method at RC-Motorradshop, favoured by over 80% of our foreign customers. It's fast and reliable and you can also use your credit card in connection with Paypal. If you are not familiar with this system, you can visit and find out how it works. Paypal maintains sites for many countries in different languages so maybe you will find the right one for your country, too. Our adress for Paypal payments is Since Paypal is not quite cheap for dealers, we have to charge a paypal fee of 2% on all orders that will be paid through Paypal

2.) Payment via bank transfer

Payment via bank transfer works well within the EU countries. Our bank data are the following:

Account Owner: Gregor Schinner
Account Number: 2968085
Bank Code Number: 76050101
Bank Name/Adress: Sparkasse Nuernberg, Lorenzer Platz 12, 90402 Nuernberg
IBAN: DE46760501010002968085

Please remember that some bank institutions keep some of the money for the costs of the bank transfer and then we will receive less money than the total of your invoice is. So please check back at your bank office if you are not sure.

3.) Sending cash via registered letter

Only advisable for customers who neither have a paypal nor a bank account.

At the moment we are not yet able to accept credit card payments.

Currency Conversion

Google offers a tool for an approximate currency conversion:

further examples: